Once we do a size calculation of your personal customized design, we will notify you so that you may place the order by choosing the appropriate square footage cost shown above. Once that step is complete, we'll draw the plans and send you a preliminary mark-up set of plans so you can make any necessary changes.
Using Your Design or Floor Plan
Square Foot Options
Our pricing for additions is $199.00 for up to 1200 square feet. Please call for more information.
At HousePlansXpress.com we can use your own floor plan or design, modify it to meet your needs and produce a complete set of construction plans for you. The cost for doing this is only slightly more than purchasing our existing plans:
» $199 for up to 1999 square feet

» 2000 square feet and above are priced in increments of 500 sq. ft. ($50 per increment).
Remember that your custom modifications may change the size of a floor plan more than you realize. Simply enlarging a single room may require another room to be reduced or enlarged or may increase the overall footprint of the home.
Please call us at 740-988-1309 so that we can obtain a copy of your floor plan design before making this purchase.
Room Additions
If you are interested in a room addition for your an existing home, please call us at 740-988-1309 to discuss your needs. There are simply too many variables involved (existing door placements, utility locations, etc.) to provide cookie cutter room addition drawings.
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