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Looking for quality house plans but can't imagine spending $700 to $1000? Our plans begin at $199 (below 2000 sq.ft.) and shipping is free. The price entitles you to one full set of original print construction plans that you can reproduce as many times as you need, without limit, for free. Or, you can order extra sets of copies from us at only $15 per set.

House Plan Xpress

Our full-sized construction plans are produced on 24 x 36 inch paper with clear, legible dimensions and details. And since you can copy as many sets as you need, you save lots of money. Get started now and find the home plans you want at a price you can afford!

House Plan Xpress

We don't offer thousands of confusing home designs or show fancy artist's renderings of our homes - but we do have lots of outstanding floor plans with free downloads to help you make a good, informed decision before ordering a full set of house plans. And remember, we offer free customizing as well.


Free sample set of reduced size plans to view

Free floor plan booklet with all our plans in PDF format!


These comments are from emails we received from some of our many satisfied customers.

I wanted to thank you for the plans and all the help you provided in the process. To be honest, I was a little skeptical when I saw the price of the plans after researching plans at 4 and 5 times the cost. I got more than I bargained for.

Our P.O.A. is very strict and has restrictive covenants. They were very specific about what the plans needed to include. Long story short, I sat at the table with my P.O.A., and they approved the plans as were and ready to build. The county looked at them and gave me a permit number in 10 minutes.

Very complete and very user-friendly, I would highly recommend to anyone HouseplansXpress you will get more than your monies worth. Did I mention that at 8pm, Mark added a basement to my plans and faxed me the print to make a last-minute change to my permit. I could go on, but what I am trying to say is very competent professionals here.

W. Gray, Indiana


The plans we purchased were just as good as the plans you would pay hundreds more for..... Mark was great, very easy to get in contact with and very prompt when mailing or responding.

J. Glines, Washington


The plans we bought from Wilcox Design were the most reasonably priced plans we were able to find in any web site or house plans book.

The absolute best part of our experience with Wilcox Design was that we were given free reign to design the house exactly the way we wanted to fit our specific needs. Mark then transformed our "rough sketch" into usable professional prints. The cost was still 10 cents per square foot, even for an original design.

Mark was knowledgeable, professional and fast! He was easily accessible by phone and email, and after a few faxes back and forth, we got the design perfected and the prints were on the way.

It is rare today that when you call a business you not only get the person you're calling, but one who is so willing to talk, and explain in detail answers to your questions. I was extremely pleased with Wilcox Design.

A. and J. Greaves, Pennsylvania


The price was excellent, and the service unmatched. Mark really worked with us, even though we probably drove him crazy! Mark has designs you can choose from, but we basically started from scratch. We plan on building and relocating soon, only if things can go this smooth in the future! I will definitely recommend House Plans XPress to my friends. 

G. and L. Kraft, New York        

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- has not only the best price but even a better customer service. They worked with me very closely as I customized the plan and were readily available by phone and email. You won't get a better deal elsewhere!

Happy Customer,

V. Aduda


My experience with Wilcox Design & Builders has been a pleasant one. Mark worked with me closely on my customized plan. He made sure that I was happy with the final process. I feel I got more than my money's worth. I highly recommend Mark for any Design and Building project that you may want to accomplish.

Doris, Maryland

House Plan Xpress