Your House Plan Package

All original construction plan sheets will be plotted (black on white) onto 24" x 36" paper stock and will be mailed out in a cardboard shipping tube. The tube not only protects the plans - it also eliminates folding, making them much easier to open and read.

The plan sheets will be personalized with the customer's name on the title block and will incorporate any changes the customer has made on the markup plans. Additional sets of plans (if ordered) will be copied on 24" x 36" paper and mailed with the originals.

House Plan Xpress

A Typical Set of Plans Includes the Following Details:

  • Front, rear and both side elevations of the house
  • Floor plans for all levels
  • Foundation plan
  • Typical wall section
  • Kitchen cabinet elevations
  • Stair Details (where applicable)
  • Location of electrical fixtures and components
  • Location of plumbing fixtures
  • Roof plan

House Plan Xpress

Copying the Plans

The home plans featured on are protected by United States Copyright Law. However, we grant the purchaser of any set of our house plans limited* rights to reproduce the plans as many times as they may need in order to provide copies to all parties responsible for the planning, permitting, construction, and inspection of the new home. Unlike other home plan sites, you will not have to obtain more sets of plans from us at additional cost

* Note: The right to copy our plans does not entitle the purchaser to sell the plans to others. We retain the copyright, and the right to sell remains exclusively with HousePlansXpress .com and Wilcox Design & Builders.

House Plan Xpress

Shipping Schedule

Markup plans will be mailed out within 2 days of ordering so you can make any changes you want. After we get your markup plans back, your final plans will be mailed out, usually within 4 days. If you purchase additional square footage, we will mail out your final plans within 4 days of receiving notification of your additional purchase. Shipping of both markup plans and final plan sets to your location is completely free. You will only need to provide postage to return the markup plans to us.

Plan Certifications

At this time, most states in the U.S. do not require an engineer to approve home plans as long as they have been produced by a licensed builder, as in our case.

On the other hand, some states may require an engineer's certification stamp, but that engineer can be located in the state where the plans originated. If this fits your situation, we can obtain the necessary certification; however, this will result in the price of the plans increasing by up to $250 per set. Unfortunately, we cannot control this aspect of the price.

Unfortunately, we cannot control this aspect of the price. Still, this leaves our house plan prices below that of other sites. Couple that with the ability to make free copies of our plans, and you still have a bargain!

A few states may require home plans to be reviewed and stamped by an engineer who is registered in that state. Please check your local regulations to see if this is true where you live. If this is the case, you will need to seek local certification for any plan set you purchase from us.

Please be sure to investigate your state and local regulations before ordering our plans. Also, our plans are not designed to earthquake or hurricane standards, which are a requirement in some areas.

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